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Renewable Waste Bags and Beyond

Posted on July 23, 2014


That headline may sound sort of ironic, but when a household includes pets, dogs specifically, removing their solid waste in a more environmentally friendly manner is possible thanks to America’s corn farmers and some brilliant scientists.

Those scientists have figured out a way to utilize cornstarch as an ingredient to make biodegradable waste bags, keeping your yard and neighborhood free of pet waste and groundwater clear of fecal matter thanks to a mess-free, waste bag made from a renewable ingredient produced by America’s farmers.

Beyond providing abundant supplies of food, nutritious livestock feed and money saving, clean-burning ethanol fuel for drivers, corn farmers also provide sustainable supplies of fiber for thousands of products made from cornstarch including batteries, paper, personal hygiene products, plastics, powders, carpet and many more everyday items.

In most cases, the use of cornstarch in products replaces petroleum as an ingredient, a finite resource that is heavily imported. So by creating these products from American-grown corn, widely used consumer goods are becoming toxin-free, reducing greenhouse gases, furthering energy independence and are becoming safer to process.

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