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SD Corn launches new consumer-focused campaign

Posted on December 01, 2021
Dec blog post seed campaign for growers

A long-standing objective of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council has always been education and outreach. One way we reach out to our state’s consumer audience to promote education is through our This is Farming Initiative.

Each year we create a new campaign with varying topics all with the same goal, to educate consumers and promote our state’s No. 1 industry: Agriculture. This year’s campaign takes a new approach, using digital and graphical-focused elements to capture the attention and draw in the audience and tell the story of agricultural development, all starting from a seed.

Campaign Focus

Research into consumer trends over the past several years has shown us that themes like sustainability, economic development and technological advancements are all very important themes to a younger and increasingly urban demographic. These themes are not only important to a consumer audience but also something we know is important to our farm families across the state.

Crop and livestock farmers in South Dakota are all working together to create opportunities for economic growth, high-paying jobs and new career possibilities that extend far beyond the ag industry. That’s why we are taking this opportunity to unpack these benefits to the average consumer and help them see what connects them to farming, even if they are removed from the farm by multiple generations, yet not forgetting that all of these possibilities and advancements start with a seed.

Captivating Creative

Beyond the traditional advertising avenues of our previous This is Farming campaigns, we are broadening the appeal and accessibility for an increasingly young, urban and diverse audience. Bold, beautiful designs based on colorful artwork and a conversational tone that brings a sense of connection between urban and rural audiences.

The campaign includes radio, television and streaming, print, digital and outdoor advertising elements. All of the beautifully designed campaign elements direct viewers to, a site created to educate consumers on the many ways farming benefits us all, and not just in South Dakota.

It all starts with a seed

Be sure to visit to check out the latest campaign. There you will find content related to how it all truly starts with a seed and what this means for the future of agriculture across the state.

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