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SD Corn Presents Awards at Annual Conference

Posted on January 21, 2023
Under the Hood Show

The Under the Hood Show received the Excellence in Public Outreach Award at the 37th Annual SD Corn Conference on Saturday, January 21. Shannon Nordstrom, Russ Evans, Chris Carter and Doug Mashek accepted the award.

The Excellence in Public Outreach Award is given each year to an individual or organization who goes the extra mile in spreading agriculture’s story to the general public with fairness, accuracy and due diligence.

Since 1990, people have been tuning in and tuning up for free automotive advice from a local automotive group. Today, it’s Americas' Favorite and Largest Car Talk Radio Show airing on over 240 stations and one of the top Automotive Advice Podcasts in America. The program’s three hosts give car repair and care advice and how-to tips while having fun with the listeners. These experts have advocated and promoted ethanol to its nationwide audience for years sharing the real scoop and benefits along with dispelling false information about South Dakota’s home-grown renewable fuel.

Senator Herman Otten accepted the Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award at the 37th Annual SD Corn Conference.

The Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award honors a lawmaker who is passionate about leading our state to the next level.

Otten has been representing South Dakota’s District 6 since 2012 and has served on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee for the South Dakota State Senate since 2017.

As a longtime friend of corn, Senator Otten has championed efforts that have a significant impact on the ability for growers to operate freely and profitably. (HB1039 defeated)

Herman Otten
Senator Herman Otten accepts the Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award at the 37th Annual SD Corn Conference

Bruce Vollan of Vollan Oil was selected to receive the Excellence in Agriculture Award. This honor goes to an outstanding individual or organization who exemplifies excellence in agriculture through significant contributions to the industry.

Vollan Oil has been a staple in South Dakota since 1921 providing fuel first as a single station to today’s operations as a family owned and operated company.

Not only does this company sell ethanol, they have gone to bat for it testifying to the EPA to increase ethanol blends. They are committed to providing it for their customer base saying, “This is not a hiccup. It’s not a fluke. When we consistently sell, as a percentage of all our gallons of fuel, 17 percent to 27 percent ethanol, you see that consumers see the value in this product.”. It is truly family-owned companies like this that can and do make an impact for growers by doing something as simple as sharing the truth and standing behind their words.

Vollan Oil
Bruce Vollan accepts the Excellence in Agriculture Award at the 37th Annual SD Corn Conference

Jim Woster received the The Lifetime Achievement Award at the 37th Annual SD Corn Conference. This award honors an individual who has dedicated their career to advancing and advocating for the agriculture industry.

As a person passionate about all aspects of agriculture and a self-professed old cattle guy, Jim Woster has spent a great deal of time being a tireless advocate for South Dakota agriculture and SD Corn. He has given countless hours of time and energy to entertaining and educating farmers at county and state meetings and is renowned for his ability to give humorous speeches.

He has also served as the voice of SD Corn’s Corn Comments for 18 years and has recently retired but still helps with holiday messages, and other special events.

Jim Woster
Jim Woster accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 37th Annual SD Corn Conference

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