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SD Corn salutes National Beef Month

Posted on May 17, 2011

South Dakota Corn salutes America’s beef producers as we recognize May as National Beef Month.

As our state’s corn farmers steadily work on getting their crops planted, a number of those same farmers and ranchers are also working with their cattle. Spring is a busy time as farmers have short windows where they can plant due to the weather while also trying to find time to vaccinate and transport their cattle to pasture.

Beef cattle are big consumers of both corn and the ethanol byproduct, distillers grain as producers invest in the highest quality nutrients to receive the best financial return and produce the best tasting beef in the entire world.

Besides taste, American beef is also known as being some of the safest, most inexpensive and nutritious protein available to consumers today.

We encourage you and your family to celebrate National Beef Month by grilling out with some burgers or your favorite cuts of steak, taking part in a great American tradition and appreciating a great American product during the month of May.

For more information on beef nutrition, recipes or other information, check out:

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