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SDLA and SDCUC Remind Consumers of Ethanol’s Benefits

Posted on October 15, 2010

Today in Sioux Falls, the South Dakota Lung Association in conjunction with the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council celebrated, National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day, to raise awareness about the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The event took place at King’s Mart Gas Station, the first fuel retailer in Sioux Falls to offer ethanol blender pumps within the city. The event was part of 100 plus sites participating across the country.

“With this program we were able to educate a large number of local consumers on the benefits of using E85 and other clean-burning ethanol blends in their vehicles,” said Lindsey Mckenzie of the South Dakota American Lung Association.

“Grassroots events like this are a great way to inform folks about importance of ethanol,” said Teddi Mueller, Industry Affairs Director of the SDCUC. “It’s all about having a choice at the pump.”

Quick ethanol facts:

  • A typical FFV driver can prevent 4 tons of lifecycle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and other harmful pollutants from entering our air every year by fueling with E85 instead of gasoline.
  • Using E85 can reduce tailpipe emissions such as ozone-forming pollutants by about 20%.
  • Corn ethanol burns 52% cleaner than conventional gasoline.
  • One acre of corn can remove 8 tons of harmful greenhouse gases.
  • Ethanol fuel will also reduce evaporative emissions of air toxics and ozone formers.
  • Ethanol fuel is renewable and locally grown, produced, purchased and sold.

“Clean air is something that affects everyone, and National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day is great way to inform people about what they can do to improve the environment,” added Mckenzie

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