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Sec. Vilsack visits Sioux Falls

Posted on March 28, 2013

United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stopped in Sioux Falls today to highlight child nutrition and healthy eating efforts being led by the agency at Hy-Vee on Sycamore Avenue in Sioux Falls.

Sec. Vilsack also took a number of questions touching on other ag-related topics including the farm bill.

“We’ve got to have a new 5-year farm bill,” said Vilsack. “Farmers need certainty, we have a good thing going here.”

The secretary also discussed the positive role that crop insurance plays in America, “Last year we had a tough year. If we had not had that safety net in crop insurance, this country would’ve been in much worse shape than it is today.”

Vilsack also mentioned the agency’s continued commitment to agricultural research. “If we’re going to continue to feed our own people and help to feed the growing world population, we’re going to have to continue to have investments in agricultural research, which has flatlined for the last decade or so.”

Sec. Vilsack also noted how the productivity of American agriculture continues to climb while the percentage of what consumers spend on food continues to decline. “That’s why we need farm bill legislation…and we’re going to work hard to make this happen.”

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