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Posted on May 23, 2012

It’s looking to be a banner year for corn and farmers can show off their growing yields to folks across the state and nation by entering the National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Yield Contest.

Winners within the state will be recognized online, in our state corn yield contest booklet and at the South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s annual meeting.

Those who claim victory at the national level will be published in the NCYC guide and will have the opportunity to win cash, trips and other prizes from various agribusinesses. The NCYC awards will be given out at Commodity Classic in Kissimmee, Florida.

South Dakotans have continued to put up big numbers in recent years.

2011 South Dakota Corn Yield Contest Results

2010 South Dakota Corn Yield Contest Results

NCGA has opened up its online entry form today, giving farmers until June 15th to take advantage of an early, reduced entry fee of $80.

To enter today using the online form, click here. For access to additional contest information, rules and forms, click here.

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