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Posted on March 20, 2015


It’s likely that most people probably don’t think about where their food comes from when sitting down to eat. It’s also likely they don’t think about the amount of labor or individuals involved in making that meal possible. And finally, it’s extremely likely that most folks don’t put much thought into how affordable the food they eat truly is.

That is why we celebrate National Ag Week, to thank those folks who dedicate their lives to feeding and enriching the world. Ensuring we have food on our plates today and tomorrow.

“Those folks” are much more than farmers. It’s the truck drivers, inspectors, agronomists, processors, researchers, merchandisers and thousands more who work each and every day to ensure we maintain an abundant, healthy, high-quality and sustainable food supply which also happens to be the most affordable in the world.

The United States is truly blessed when it comes to food and the choices surrounding our diets and it’s not something that should be taken for granted. So it’s extremely disappointing to see agenda-driven detractors tear down our farmers and the very technologies that have allowed the enormous increases in efficiency and susttinability that have put our countries’ food supply in the position it is today.

So instead of, “Thanking a Farmer,” or any of the hard-working folks in agriculture during National Ag Week, take the time to learn more about your food, how it is grown and the folks who make it all possible.

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