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The All-Time Top 10 South Dakota Corn Yields

Posted on December 29, 2014


The results from the National Corn Yield Contest are in and once again South Dakota farmers have produced huge yields, which coincides with the record crop that is projected both in South Dakota and nationally. But how do this year’s yields stack up compared to those posted in the past? We have your answers with an updated All-Time Top Ten Corn Yields list (in their respective categories).

A new corn yield contest record was set in South Dakota this year as Riverside Farms of Huron broke through the 300 bushels per acre barrier recording a whopping 308 bushels per acre in the irrigated category.

Other top corn yields form this year’s list included three entries that were over the 285 bushels per acre mark.

Riverside Farms of Huron posted 289 bushels per acre in the No-Till/Strip Till Irrigated category, Scott McKee of Hawarden posted a yield of 286 bushels per acre in the Non-Irrigated along with Huron Colony who posted 285 bushels per acre in the Non-Irrigated category. A total of nine entries from this year’s contest cracked the list of the 40.

Steve Breding of Chamberlin (No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated) and Brookside Farms of Akron (Non-Irrigated) remain the kings of their classes. Both of those entries were from 2009, a previous banner year in South Dakota. Scott McKee of Hawarden set the No-Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated record last year (2013) and also remains on top.

Click here to view the updated All-Time Top Ten South Dakota Corn Yields from each category.

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