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The Amazing Corn Adventure Trailer Premiers

Posted on August 11, 2011

With more and more families continued to be removed from the farm, most kids today have no idea how their food is raised or where it comes from. To remove this disconnect, South Dakota Corn is ramping up its efforts in education with their brand new Amazing Corn Adventure Trailer to show the younger generation just how cool agriculture is.

The Amazing Corn Adventure is a 24-foot trailer filled with interactive presentations that take a fun approach as they teach youths about agriculture. The trailer will feature hands-on presentations about the importance of soil quality, stages of corn, the difference between field and sweet corn and a matching game based on the many products made from corn. The mini-games and visual interactions are sure to have kids laughing and learning.

The highlight of the trailer will be the real, interactive tractor cab. Kids will get a feel of what it’s like to be behind the wheel planting corn with a video screen and cab noises. The cab will also will have working buttons and levers with automated voices telling the kids what purpose each serves.

“This will be a huge learning opportunity for kids who aren’t on the farm,” said Teddi Mueller, legislative and industry affairs director for the Corn Growers Association and Corn Utilization Council. “This trailer will allow us to bring ag to places that ag would never be seen.”

The council’s newest and niftiest attraction will debut August 13 at the Sioux Empire Fair before moving on to the State Fair on September 1 and to area schools beginning this fall.

“At a time when school district budgets and resources are being cut, the trailer will be one more tool that can be offered to students on site, at no cost to schools,” added Mueller.

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