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The year that was 2012

Posted on December 28, 2012

To prepare for the future sometimes we need to study the past. So before we cruise into 2013, take a few moments to reflect on the previous year to see what happened at South Dakota Corn and where we’re headed.

Below are the Top 12 Blog Posts (in chronological order) from 2012…

Back to the Start or Prepare for the Future?

SD Corn wins BIG at NAMA

Fake issues, real job loss

Ethanol saved Midwest drivers $1.69 per gallon in 2011

Study Shows Corn Farming Becoming More Sustainable

Pheasant Numbers, Corn Acres Both Up in SD

SD Farmer’s Carbon Footprint Shrinking

E15 for sale at Midway Service near Baltic

The Deception of Oz

The South Dakota Corn Showdown Series: a rivalry reborn

AAA takes wrong turn on E15

861,625 Trees Planted in ’12

South Dakota Corn appreciates all of its blog readers as we continue in our efforts to educate and inform both farmers and consumers about important agriculture related news, events and policy taking place in our state, nation and world. In our third year, the Corn Hugger Blog reached nearly 35,000 people in hundreds of South Dakota communities, all 50 states and 122 countries around the world.

During the coming year, we continue to encourage our readers, followers and friends to share our information and your own personal insights with your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues to further our message of “Agvocacy”.

South Dakota Corn wishes everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

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