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This Is Farming Showcases Sustainability Efforts

Posted on October 06, 2015

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Just as the state’s farmers work to harvest their crops this fall, South Dakota Corn is rolling out a new season of This Is Farming to display those efforts with a campaign filled with new facts, ads, videos and a fresh look.

Farming is a family business in South Dakota and to ensure those farms remain sustainable for the next generation, growers must care for the soil. How will they do it? Through reduced tillage, precise nutrient management, cover crops, diverse rotations and conservation.

Statistically, more of the state’s farmers are moving towards no-till according to the South Dakota NRCS, and the use of cover crops and precision tools continues to climb as farmers begin to understand and experience their numerous economic and environmental benefits. When farmers improve soil health, they are simultaneously improving water quality.

To help those not involved with agriculture understand how farmers are producing more with less while reducing their impact on the environment, the new season of This Is Farming will focus on soil health, sustainability and water quality efforts from three family farmers located in very different parts of the state.

The farmers featured in this year’s campaign include Al Miron of Crooks, Steve Halverson of Kennebec and Jeff Lakner of Wessington. Each has a unique story to tell, but their message is the same: Soil Health, Sustainability and Water Quality are all top priorities for them and their family.

“We’re excited to kick off the new series of This Is Farming with a modern look and concentrated focus on the practices that our state’s family farmers are implementing to ensure long-term sustainability of the land,” said Teddi Mueller, South Dakota Corn’s marketing/legislative director. “Conservation, innovation and efficiency are not just buzz words, they are top priorities for farmers as they work to improve their soil while reducing their ecological impact.”

Click here to watch our new videos and visit to learn more about South Dakota’s number one industry and our farmers’ sustainable efforts.

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