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This Is Farming: Stories about food, work and life

Posted on November 14, 2014

It’s well known that agriculture is South Dakota’s number one industry with an annual impact of $25.6 billion, totaling more than 30% of the state’s economic activity. While these numbers speak for themselves, helping folks understand the deep-rooted impact that agriculture has on our everyday lives has never been more important and continues to be the focus behind South Dakota Corn’s campaign, This Is Farming.

The amazing story of South Dakota agriculture continues to be told with the latest round of videos featuring a farmer/rancher, a technology CEO, a grocery store manager and a West Point cadet. These four might seem like an extremely odd and diverse group, but their stories are relatively similar in that they connect their work and lives with one place, the farm.

“This latest round of the This Is Farming campaign demonstrates the different ways that agriculture touches various aspects of our lives. From our work ethic to career opportunities, to improving the environment and feeding a growing world,” said Teddi Mueller, South Dakota Corn’s director of industry affairs and public relations. “This new series of videos brings together examples of how our farmers are improving the soil, how technology makes our farms more efficient and where the food in the grocery store actually comes from.”

We hope you’ll tune in to find out.

You can watch all 17 new This Is Farming videos here:

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