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SD Corn Utilization Council Partners with the Feeding South Dakota School Pantry Program

Posted on April 17, 2023
Feeding South Dakota

The South Dakota Corn Utilization Council presented a $100,000 donation to Feeding South Dakota in January 2023. This donation is being used to support the food bank’s School Pantry Program.

The School Pantry Program helps end child hunger by providing food to children and their families in an easily accessible location. These pantries provide non-perishable and perishable foods such as meat, dairy, bread, eggs and produce.

School pantries serve families who need extra help affording groceries. They are not limited to students who receive free or reduced lunch.

The program is unique to each school allowing them to customize the program to match their available resources and the community’s need.

Axtell Park

South Dakota Corn staff recently visited the Pride Pantry inside Axtell Park Middle School. Jodie Driver, District Pantry Representative, explains that this pantry typically receives 750 pounds of food per week.

Lori Dykstra, Feeding South Dakota CEO says, "This is the way we can bring food to where hunger is, rather than hunger having to find us."

Learn More About the School Pantry Program

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