August 2016

Official Notice Of Joint Board Meeting

 SD Corn Utilization Council

SD Corn Growers Association

Board of Directors

Tuesday, Aug. 30

Location: Wheat Growers headquarters, Aberdeen

 Joint Board Meeting Agenda

 10:00 AM   I.       Meeting called to order

                           Pledge of Allegiance

 10:05 AM   II.      Welcome/Introductions

Welcome and Industry Update from Wheat Growers

 10:45 AM   III.    Break             

11:00 AM   IV.    Approve Financials, Agenda and Minutes

11:05 AM   V.      Board District Reports/Updates

12:00 PM   VI.    Lunch/Break

 1:00 PM   VII.   Grant Update: Jonathan Lehman

  1:30 PM   VIII.  SDSU Building Update and Plans

  2:00 PM   IX.    Break

  2:15 PM   X.      Buffer Strip Discussion

   3:00 PM   XI.    Livestock Discussion      

  3:30 PM   XII.   River Basin District Oversight Advisory Task Force Update

  3:40 PM   XIII.  Upcoming Board Meetings and Dates

  3:45 PM   XIV.  Adjourn Meeting/Directions and Safety for Tour

  4:00 PM   XV.   Bath Agronomy/Grebner Grain & Innovation Center Tour