Fall Corn

Patrick Mahoney

Office Manager

Patrick grew up as far away from a farm as you can get in the inner city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Though he grew up surrounded by blacktop and buildings, he has had the opportunity to spend time at his wife’s family farm in Jackson, MN for the past 15 years. Though it is not a working farm anymore, he enjoys spending weekends with the family that still live there and climbing into his favorite hunting tree stand on the property in the fall.

He has done a variety of jobs in his life including lifting heavy stuff as furniture mover, getting to engage his creative side as a freelance graphic designer, managing a spectacular property in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and working in a variety of office management and accounting jobs. It was on one of his jobs that he found an interest in accounting, so he went back to school online to finish up his bachelor’s degree in accounting.

He and his wife live in Canton with their dog and are enjoying small town life in the smallest town they have ever lived in. Living in the big city for most of their lives, they didn’t have a chance to walk many places. In Canton, they walk everywhere – the grocery store, the hardware store, the nearby restaurant for dinner. They walk so much in fact that the neighbors didn’t think they owned a car at first! In addition to walking, Patrick enjoys house projects, watching movies, and exploring small South Dakota towns with his wife.