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Corn Comments: A Special Thanksgiving Tribute by Jim Woster

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at South Dakota Corn!

Thanksgiving Feast

Hello everybody, Jim Wooster here and it’s so good to be back hosting this week’s Thanksgiving edition of Corn Comments.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year and has a lot of meaning to the state’s farm families. As the corn harvest is over, and for better or worse, producers reflect on their yields and look forward to the next crop year. South Dakota also produces an average of 5 million turkeys, who, in their lifetime consume a bushel of corn and 1/3 bushel of soybean. So, I want to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you again to every farm, ranch family and turkey producer who provides us with the most nutritious, abundant and economical food to be found anywhere in the world. These folks manage through adverse weather, pest and disease and manage their risk continue to keep us fed throughout the entire year. From all of us at South Dakota Corn have a health-filled and blessed Thanksgiving and thanks a million for all that you do!