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2011 SD Corn Yield Contest Winners

Posted on December 22, 2011

South Dakota Corn is pleased to present the winners of the 2011 South Dakota Corn Yield Contest. This year's top submitted yield was 294.86 bushels per acre by David Ogle from Harrold, SD. This year's top yield comes in 8 bushels per acre higher than the top yield in 2010.

South Dakota had 161 entries in four catagories in this year's contest, up from 118 in 2010.

To see all results, click the following link:

The contest, conducted by the National Corn Growers Association, is in its 47th year and remains the organization’s most popular program for members. The contest has provided corn growers the opportunity to compete with their colleagues to grow the most corn per acre, helping feed and fuel the world. This has given participants not only the recognition they deserved, but the opportunity to learn from their peers.

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