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Annual Meeting Speaker Preview: Charlie Arnot

Posted on January 08, 2013

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear Charlie Arnot, CEO of the Center for Food Integrity. During his presentation, “Consumers are From Venus. Farmers are From Mars” he’ll walk farmers through the importance of closing the communication gap and building trust in agriculture. The not-for-profit Center for Food Integrity was established in 2007 to build consumer trust and confidence in today’s food system.

Arnot also is president of CMA, a consulting company with offices in Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio. In that role, he and the CMA team work with companies and associations across the food system in issues management, public relations, strategic facilitation and marketing communications. He is recognized as a specialist in food and agriculture issues and is a thought-provoking writer and speaker.

You can follow Charlie on Twitter: @Charlie_Arnot


This year’s annual meeting will take place on Saturday, January 19th at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. We do ask that you please pre-register which can be done online or by calling the office at 605-334-0100. We hope to see you at our Backyard BBQ!

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