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Celebrate Pork Month in SD

Posted on October 30, 2012

Is there anything better than the smell of bacon in the morning? We didn’t think so.

During the month of October, National Pork Month, South Dakota Corn salutes our state’s pork producers. Hogs are an excellent valued-added market in South Dakota that consume around 52 million bushels of corn each year.

Corn raised by South Dakota farmers plays an important role in feeding the state’s hogs and those hogs provide a safe, nutritious and affordable source of protein for our growing world.

South Dakota ranks 11th nationally in pork production and 1st in pigs born per sow. Overall, the pork industry adds thousands of jobs and around $520 million to the state’s economy.

With so many different cuts to enjoy there is something for everyone and you can find excellent ways to prepare your pork on the South Dakota Pork Producers’ Facebook Page. They do a great job of providing new recipes and plenty of industry information for interested consumers.

To learn more about pork farming, we recommend that you watch this short, but excellent documentary on how pigs are raised. With so much information afloat in the media today, this balanced video provides excellent insight from real farmers.

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