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Corn Planters Seen Rolling in South Dakota

Posted on April 13, 2015


Well it’s official, corn planting season began in South Dakota over the weekend near Parker. And others have begun today near Emery.

Warm and dry weather has aided in the early start as South Dakota State Climatologist Dennis Todey reported that 4-inch deep soil temperatures were above 50 degrees in certain areas of the state, which is typically the green light for corn farmers.

There’s also an old saying that farmers know they can start planting corn when asparagus pokes through the soil.

Speaking of old sayings, let’s hope this one holds true, “Plant in the dust and the bins will bust,” because nearly the entire state is faced with either abnormally dry conditions or first stage drought.

Best of luck to all of our farmers this growing season as they work to meet the future demands for affordable and sustainable food, feed, fuel and fiber.

You too can follow along this planting season on Twitter with the hashtag: #plant15

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