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Denny Everson is named Most Valuable Player in Agriculture

Posted on January 12, 2010

The South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) presented Denny Everson of First Dakota National Bank in Yankton, S.D., with the Most Valuable Player in Agriculture Award at their 24th Annual Meeting Jan. 9 for the tremendous impacts he has made in the agricultural industry.

The MVP in Agriculture Award recognizes an individual or organization, which has helped achieve common goals and create milestones and advancement in the agricultural industry. A dedicated friend to the agricultural industry, Everson has created industry successes by leading the charge to create opportunities for agriculture in our state.

Growing up and working on his family farm near Loomis, S.D. was the beginning of his passion and involvement in agriculture. Everson has been involved with ag lending since 1974 and has been with First Dakota National bank since 1984. He has grown the ag department of “one” with less than $1 million in ag loans to over $500 million with the help of his staff.

In more than 25 years in financial services, Everson has been a force behind many initiatives including his recent chairmanship of the ABA's 10-member Task Force on 21st Century Agricultural Banking, which recently came up with a national farm aid plan. Everson has spoken on Capitol Hill giving testimony on the country’s troubled agriculture situation.
He has shared his passion and knowledge for agriculture to spur change for the industry and has worked to transfer benefits to agricultural producers. A true advocate for farmers, he is the mastermind behind his bank's Dakota Mac program, a subsidiary that provides real estate loans for other banks and processes guaranteed loans in the Upper Midwest. Dakota Mac is a doorway to Farmer Mac, an agency that guarantees farm loans and sells them on the secondary market.

The vision to accomplish all Everson has can only come from an understanding of agriculture and keeping his fingers on the pulse of an industry. He is inspired to serve agriculture not only because of its economic force in South Dakota, but to make a difference and to help build the next generation of leaders in agriculture.

He is the co-founder and Executive Director of South Dakota Agriculture and Leadership Program, which is dedicated to providing leadership training to those involved in the ag industry. His involvement in this program has created a ripple effect with leaders throughout nearly every community in the state of South Dakota.

He has impacted the agricultural industry as a board member of many agricultural organizations, including the SDCGA, being a voice for agriculture and serving as a mentor for the entire industry.

Everson and his wife, Jan, reside in Yankton and have 3 grown daughters.

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