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E15 announcement expected soon, oil opposition growing

Posted on January 07, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency is reportedly on track to announce whether or not they will approve E15 (a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline) for vehicles between the years of 2001-2006. The Department of Energy has given their test results to the EPA who is expected to release the results within the next couple days.

The move would allow over half of the vehicles in the United States access to E15 further lessening our countries dependence on foreign oil. The decision would also move the U.S. closer to reaching the renewable fuel standard which in turn creates a cleaner environment through reduced emissions and additional green jobs boosting the American economy.

A number of groups have filed lawsuits against the EPA for allowing blends higher than E10 in non-flex fuel vehicles and of course it’s the usual suspects, BIG OIL cronies. Monday it was the oil refiners aka NPRA saying they are just looking out for the consumers. News Flash NPRA, so is the EPA as the DOE has done rigorous testing on various ethanol blends in various vehicles types, models and years. This wasn’t something that government agencies decided overnight but has been ongoing for years. So is the NPRA concerned about consumers or their oil monopoly.

Let’s make this real clear; E15 is in no shape or form a mandate. It is simply a fuel choice for consumers who want to save money by using additional quantities of a clean-burning, American-made ethanol.

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