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ELECTION 09: SDCGA urges ag producers to be informed voters

Posted on October 22, 2008

With the election right around the corner, the South Dakota Corn Growers Association wants to make sure South Dakota ag producers have information to be informed voters on Nov. 4.

SDCGA members recently received their SDCGA Newsletter in which SDCGA asked each of South Dakota’s Congressional candidates why he or she is the best representation for South Dakota’s ag producers and industry. (See pages 8-9) Also in the newsletter election feature, you will find highlights of the Presidential candidates (page 10) on issues important to agriculture. Their responses were collected by the National Corn Growers Association.

Due to space constraints, the Presidential candidates’ entire responses were not printed in the newsletter. You can view their entire responses by clicking here.

The SDCGA urges South Dakota ag producers to consider these positions and how each candidate may best support their business when they go to the polls.

Another key issue which will appear on the ballot on Nov. 4 will be Measure 10. The SDCGA has taken a “Vote NO on Initiative 10” position as the measure will threaten to impede the effectiveness of efforts on producers’ behalf in Pierre. Please consider this measure carefully before you go to the polls on Nov. 4. See the SDCGA newsletter page 18 for more details.

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