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Every Day is Earth Day on the Farm

Posted on April 22, 2010

What comes to mind you think of Earth Day? Most people probably think of planting trees or recycling. But what about our farmers? Everything they do is about sustainability and caring for the land. South Dakota Farmers are indeed are the True Environmentalists.

Each year, farmers are continuing to become more efficient through new practices and technologies. No-till planting, GPS and seed biotechnology are just a few of things that farmers are using to care for their soil, use less energy, prevent erosion, reduce run off and to use less chemical application.

“One of the clearest measures of the sustainability of an industry is that industry’s ability to increase efficiency, while decreasing environmental impacts,” said Lisa Richardson, SDCUC Executive Director.

Using less and growing more is exactly what farmers have been doing over last few decades.

“Today it takes about 40 percent less land and energy to produce a bushel of corn than it did 20 years ago. Earth Day is the perfect moment to recognize farmers for improving their environment and for being environmental stewards 365 days of the year,” said Richardson.

Not only do farmers care for the land, but they are both feeding and fueling a growing population.

“Our ability to feed and fuel a world population that will double in the next 20 to 40 years is in the hands of dedicated farmers, who truly care about conserving our natural resources,” said Richardson.

As South Dakota farmers have begun planting corn this spring using their new technologies and soil management practices, please acknowledge their endless efforts to provide an abundant, safe, high quality and inexpensive food and clean-burning fuel supply while taking care of their land in a sustainable way.

“Everything I do every day is to take care of the soil that I own, that I raise my family on and that I depend on for my living.” – Bill Chase, farmer from Wolsey, SD.

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