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Farmers Go Grassroots in D.C.

Posted on July 13, 2010

Corn farmers from all across this great land will assemble this week in Washington D.C. for Corn Congress 2010 to discuss policy and meet with our nation’s leaders. Corn Congress not only allows the delegates to meet with representatives, but also delegates/farmers from other states that may share similar concerns.

“Coming to Washington is always an exciting time,” said, SDCGA President and Oldham, SD farmer, Gary Duffy. “There’s no better place to develop policy and talk about the issues and the legislation that affect corn growers back on the farm.”

A number of important topics including Farm Bill, CARB lawsuit and agriculture transportation will be discussed at Corn Congress, but the number one priority to be voiced by the South Dakota delegates will be ethanol. The ethanol industry has a number of concerns including the need for higher blends like E 15, mandatory flex-fuel vehicles and VEETC, which expires at the end of the year.

“You can sense the enthusiasm from our delegates, they understand the importance of the issues faced by farmers and know what needs to be done,” said Duffy. “Our delegates take pride in representing our states’ producers and appreciate the opportunity to spend time talking about their concerns directly with members of congress.”

11 Board directors from both the South Dakota Corn Growers Association and South Dakota Corn Utilization Council will be on Capitol Hill this week including Keith Alverson, Chad Blindauer, Jim Burg, Bill Chase, David Gillen, Brian Smith, Jim Thyen, Walt Bones, David Fremark, Mark Gross and Darrin Ihnen.

All of the South Dakota delegates will meet personally with Rep. Herseth-Sandlin, Sen. John Thune and Sen. Tim Johnson.

“South Dakota is blessed to have a close connection with their representatives,” said Duffy. “They want to hear from farmers personally.”

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