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Finding a Common Ground

Posted on March 25, 2011

With a greater disconnect growing between consumers and the origin of their food a movement has been established to help reconnect and educate consumers about where their food comes from and the production practices used to produce it.

Common Ground, a new partnership between the corn and soybean check-off groups will focus on educating female consumers through conversations about farming and food. With so many misconceptions in today’s media about agriculture and its commodities, Common Ground’s goal is to provide simple answers to the tough questions being raised. Whether the issue is about organics, biotech crops or free-range chickens, Common Ground would like to have a conversation about it with you.

South Dakota is one of five states participating in the program and has three wonderful spokespeople in Laura Nielson, Dawn Scheier and Morgan Kontz. While each of these women come from different backgrounds their passion is one in the same, agriculture. They all live and work on family farms in South Dakota and know firsthand about the quality, affordability and safety of the food being produced on farms all across the country.

Learn more about Common Ground in South Dakota by clicking on

You can also join in the conversation by following @SDCommonGroundNow on Twitter.

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