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Gov. Rounds Signs S.D. House Bill 1192

Posted on March 12, 2010

On Thursday, South Dakota Governor, Mike Rounds, signed House Bill 1192 into law, setting aside one million dollars of federal stimulus money to be given out in $10,000 grants for each additional ethanol blender pump installed in the state.

“I’m proud that our state lawmakers and our governor are supportive of home grown, clean and renewable energy,” said Rep. Mitch Fargen, the bill’s primary sponsor. “This incentive will make it easier for our state’s gas station owners to provide higher blends of ethanol, the consumer will have a greater choice at the pump, and our farmers who grow the commodities used in the production of ethanol will have a greater market for their product.”

As many as 100 blender pumps could be added to the 40 currently in South Dakota. Gas station owners are allowed to receive more than one grant if they choose to add additional blender pumps. Each pump must have four blender hoses minimum, featuring a variety of blends consisting of E 10, E 20, E 30, E50, E 85 and regular gasoline.

“We continue to be impressed by the excellent leadership that Rep. Mitch Fargen has shown,” said Teddi Mueller, of the South Dakota Corn Growers Assoc. “The opportunity to expand our state’s ethanol infrastructure is exciting and we look forward to working with the ethanol industry to make sure the funds are utilized.”

The grants will be available between April 1 and May 28. Even with a short time-frame, a number of grant applications are expected.

“I’ve already taken a number of calls from station owners and managers asking for details,” said Mueller.

South Dakota was the first state to install ethanol blender pumps and this bill shows the continual progress being made towards enhancing agriculture, improving our economy, environment and lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

With the additional infrastructure, more consumers will have a choice when filling their tank, and what better choice than South Dakota grown, renewable, clean-burning ethanol.

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