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National Corn Growers Association Hosts Annual Corn Congress

Posted on July 28, 2023
SD Corn Congress Photo

As one of the nation’s top commodity associations, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) holds an annual Corn Congress where farmer leaders from state associations convene to serve as state delegates to help shape policy for advocacy by NCGA. According to NCGA Vice President of Marketing and Communications Nicole Hasheider, “NCGA is a grassroots organization. As such, it is important that policies of the organization represent the broad positions of its state affiliates and farmer members. To facilitate this, twice per year NCGA convenes Corn Congress, which is a 127-delegate body composed of corn farmers from 27 states. These delegates debate, vote on and set policy for NCGA. The policies adopted by Corn Congress delegates drive how NCGA proactively takes positions on any number of subjects, including conservation, trade, technology access and more.”

Delegates are selected by their state corn organizations to represent their association in Corn Congress. They have the ability to introduce new resolutions for consideration and debate, propose amendments to existing policies and vote on any new policies or changes to existing ones. Nicole shares, “For decades the delegate members have driven policies of NCGA through the Corn Congress process.”

Left to right: DaNita Murray, Chad Blindauer, Gary Duffy, Reno Brueggeman, U.S. Senator John Thune, Dave Ellens, Trent Kubik, Mike Cronin, Grant Rix, & Scott Stahl

Action Teams

NCGA has seven Action Teams that are responsible for investing funds into programs that support corn farmers and advance the corn industry. This includes teams who focus on driving demand for corn products, like ethanol or through new markets, work on opportunities to mitigate risks associated with corn farming, or identify new resources that support corn farmers continued sustainability improvements and maintain access to the technology needed to do so. This could look like research to better understand a potential or growing market for corn, direct interfaces with corn customers, studies to understand the impacts of proposed policies that impact corn growers or research into a new corn production threat. These volunteer farmers actively shape the future of their industry by guiding programs and carrying out the policies and priorities that drive the association.

SD representatives include:

• Scott Stahl - Ethanol Action Team (ETHAT)

• Chad Blindauer - Market Development Action Team (MDAT)

• Grant Rix - Risk Management & Transportation Action Team (RMTAT)

• Gary Duffy - Sustainable Ag Research Action Team (SARAT)

• Mike Cronin - Stewardship Action Team (STAT)

SD Corn Executive Director DaNita Murray explains, “Every state has issues that they are concerned about and that is what their representatives fight for. The value of sending our own farmer delegates allow us to advocate for issues that are important specifically to South Dakota corn farmers.”

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