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NCGA Action Teams include SD Corn representation

Posted on October 06, 2009

The South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) looks forward to strong leadership at the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) as members of the organization’s action teams, committees and working groups for the upcoming year were recently appointed. South Dakota has eight representatives who were selected to serve on teams.

Our grower-leaders are the foundation for our successful grassroots efforts,” said Darrin Ihnen, Hurley, S.D. producer and president of the NCGA. “Through their dedication, hard-work and insight, we will together affect positive change and create a brighter future.”

Action teams are designed to tackle issues and anticipate opportunities for the corn industry at a national level. Farmers from individual states come together to help set policy direction and evaluate challenges and opportunities for the industry as a whole.

South Dakota has a strong track record of involvement in the NCGA action teams. For NCGA’s next fiscal year which began on Oct. 1, the following individuals will represent South Dakota’s priorities on an NCGA action team:

PRODUCTION & STEWARDSHIP ACTION TEAM: Jim Burg, Wessington Springs, S.D., and board director for the SDCGA.

PUBLIC POLICY ACTION TEAM: Bill Chase, Wolsey, S.D., and president of the SDCGA.

ETHANOL COMMITTEE: Keith Alverson of Chester, S.D. will serve as vice chairman of the NCGA Ethanol Committee. Alverson is also vice president of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council (SDCUC). Joining Alverson on the team is staff liaison Teddi Mueller, Legislative and Industry Affairs Director for SD Corn.

RESEARCH & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ACTION TEAM: Kurt Stiefvater of Salem, S.D., and director on the SDCGA board.

BIOTECHNOLOGY WORKING GROUP: Chad Blindauer of Mitchell, S.D. will serve as vice chairman of the Biotechnology Working Group. Blindauer is a board director for both the SDCGA and SDCUC. Jim Thyen of Waverly, S.D., will also represent South Dakota on the Biotech Working Group; Thyen is an SDCGA board director.

JOINT TRADE POLICY A-TEAM: Walt Bones of Chancellor, S.D., and director on the SDCGA board.

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