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Online Ag Education: My American

Posted on June 02, 2010

A lot of people have played games like Sim Farm, Farmville or Farmtown, but a new website featuring five mini-games is being brought to you by Pioneer Hi-Bred and the American Farm Bureau Foundation called, “My American Farm.”

The interactive games look at educating kids with interesting facts about agriculture detailing information on corn, soybeans and dairy products as well as state by state facts including the number of farms and what type of crops and livestock are raised.

“Pioneer is excited about the opportunity to teach younger people about agriculture,” said, Steve Brody, Pioneer Hi-Bred affairs and industry relations director.

The two groups will each have a three year commitment and Pioneer Hi-Breds has agreed to provide $500,000 in an effort to continue general agriculture education.

“We are always looking for programs we can get behind to support agriculture,” said Brody.

Besides learning about agriculture kids will have the opportunity use math, geography, language arts and social studies in order to find answers.

The partners plan on providing learning materials for teachers in downloadable formats, similar to a one-stop shop for agriculture lessons.

“This is in constant development…Future modules will cover a lot of different crops and livestock and teach agriculture as a whole,” Brody said.

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