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Outstanding Service Awards honor retiring directors

Posted on January 12, 2010

The South Dakota Corn organizations recently recognized directors who have served their allowed terms with the organization. The directors received awards during the South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s Annual Meeting held Jan. 10 in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA):

Chad Blindauer of Mitchell, S.D., has been a visionary leader as a South Dakota Corn Growers Association board director. Chad has served on the SDCGA board since January 2001. Blindauer’s steady commitment to the industry has led him into several leadership roles including his current position as chairman of the SDCGA. He has also been instrumental in the success of key programs as a member of countless working groups including SDCGA CornPac, Farm Bill and the Showplot committee. Blindauer’s impact on the industry doesn’t stop in South Dakota as he has dedicated time and energy to the National Corn Growers Association’s Biotechnology Working Group, earning a leadership post of vice-chairman of that national committee. Blindauer is a current board director for the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council.

Jason Kontz and his wife, Morgan, are involved in a diversified family farming partnership northwest of Flandreau, S.D., incorporating corn, soybeans and a cow/calf operation. An SDCGA board member since January of 2001, Jason is the type of board member who is always ready and willing to pitch in wherever needed. He has been a tireless volunteer for educational outreach at trade shows and fairs. As chairman of the SDCGA Showplot Committee, Jason led positive advancements in the Showplot Program and has been a long-time participant as well by planting an annual SDCGA showplot. He also participated the Corn Cob Open committee.

During James Krier’s time on the SDCGA board, he has served as a leader in countless capacities. A member of the Legislative Committee, Krier helped set the policy direction for the organization. He also helped develop the SDCGA showplot program into what it is today and has participated in the Corn Cob Open planning as a committee member. Krier has always been a key leader on the Membership Committee and has encouraged new members from his district to join the organization. Krier and his wife, Nancy, operate a diversified farming operation at Herrick, S.D. which includes corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and a cow/calf and cattle backgrounding enterprise.

Industry Reps: The SDCGA has industry representatives participate as directors on the board. Their collective and independent vision offers tremendous value and insight to the decisions and efforts made for the industry. The industry representatives provide the link between our growers and our allied industry and working together strengthens South Dakota agriculture. Two SDCGA industry representatives retired their positions on the board. Kyle Broughton of Canton, S.D. and Denny Everson of Yankton, S.D.

South Dakota Corn Utilization Council (SDCUC):

Keith Alverson joined the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council board of directors in 2007 and rose quickly into key leadership roles. He currently serves the organization as vice president. A very important component of Alverson’s legacy for the SDCUC is his impact on the research efforts of the organization. Alverson was instrumental in developing the first Best Management Practices Manual for Corn in the state of South Dakota. He has partnered with South Dakota State University to conduct field trials on their farm which will ultimately advance the knowledge of cutting edge farming practices for all producers.
His leadership has expanded to the national scene as well as he has been chosen to serve the key Ethanol Committee for the National Corn Growers Association and was recently selected as chairman of the Ethanol Committee.

Francis Hass is a dedicated board director for the SDCUC who has focused his energy on value added development, promotion and education and research activities for the organization. Hass was a long time member of the Research Committee, directing the projects the Council invested in. He also lent his enthusiasm for the industry to decisions on the promotion and education committee. In addition, Hass was the SDCUC liaison to the South Dakota Value Added Development Board. He and his wife, Debby, farm near Raymond, S.D.

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