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Rallying for America’s Freedom Fuel in Sturgis

Posted on August 06, 2013
Robert White on this Flex-Fuel Motorcycle powered by E-85.

Robert White on this Flex-Fuel Motorcycle powered by E-85.

The freedom of the open road on two wheels appeals to the hundreds of thousands who attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally each year in the Black Hills of South Dakota. What powers those bikes is anything but freedom, unless those motorcycles are powered by clean-burning, American-made ethanol.

Robert White, a military veteran and the director of market development for the Renewable Fuel Association, has just the bike. His Harley-Davidson is powered by E-85 (a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline), a bike that he rides to Sturgis each year while promoting America’s fuel, ethanol, with a campaign called, “Fueled with Pride,” in the heart of the rally, the Legendary Buffalo Chip.

This freedom ride is far from a vacation for Mr. White as his journey into the heart of Sturgis aims to educate thousands of fellow bikers about the benefits of using renewable fuels while dispelling the old myth that ethanol shouldn’t be used in motorcycles.

Returning this year is the opportunity for riders to fuel their motorcycles for free. The “Free Fuel Happy Hours” promotion will allow motorcyclists to fill their tanks, free of charge, with 93 octane E10 (10 percent ethanol). This high-octane fuel is not available in the area, and will be brought in specifically for this event. To fill up, riders must have a Buffalo Chip wristband and no fuel containers will be allowed. The Free Fuel Happy Hours will be on Tuesday, August 6, Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8 at The Crossroads at the Buffalo Chip from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

“The RFA is excited to again partner with the Legendary Buffalo Chip. It gives us the opportunity to reach thousands of consumers and show them the benefits of using ethanol-blended fuels,” said White. “Despite the efforts of some in the motorcycle world to confuse the issue, E10 (10 percent ethanol, 90 percent gasoline) is endorsed and warranted by every motorcycle manufacturer in the U.S. Ethanol is a safe, domestic, clean-burning fuel that is reducing gas prices, stimulating our economy, and increasing our national security. We want to make sure that all attendees know what blend they can use, the value of this American product and why they should use it in their motorcycles and other engines at home. In fact, we are willing to give them a free tank of high octane E10 to try it out.”

Follow Robert on his ride through the Sturgis Rally, the “Fueled with Pride” campaign and his journey of advocating for ethanol via Twitter: or by going to

2013 American Pride Sturgis Rally poster

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