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SD delivers Sign Up for Ethanol campaign

Posted on August 01, 2008

A group of ethanol and corn producers from South Dakota announced the launch of a statewide advertising campaign to encourage supporters to “sign up for ethanol.” The ads, which highlight the role of ethanol in increased energy security, economic development and decreased gas prices, will begin on August 3. The stated goal for the group is to get at least 4,000 state residents to register their support at the web site

The first ad in the series shows how domestically-produced fuel helps to create energy security by not investing our country’s dollars into fuel produced in hostile countries, thousands of miles away. Other ads in the series will highlight the role ethanol is playing in lowering gas prices for consumers, and the impact the ethanol industry is having on our domestic economy.

“The ethanol industry provides many benefits for our country, and that is especially true for states like South Dakota that produce a lot of corn and a lot of ethanol,” said Reid Jensen, President of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council. “With this advertising campaign, we want to remind our friends and neighbors of those benefits and encourage them to show their support for the industry.”

“Today’s ethanol industry is a benefit to our nation’s security, environment and economy,” said Bill Paulson, President of the South Dakota Ethanol Producers. “Ethanol has prevented the importation of millions of barrels of foreign oil, reduced our country’s greenhouse gas emissions and created thousands of jobs in the country while keeping gas prices at the pump from going even higher.”

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