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SDCGA recognizes Excellence in Public Outreach winners

Posted on January 16, 2008

Every year the South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) recognizes outstanding communicators for the Ag industry. This year the SDCGA chose to honor both a print and broadcast journalist for the 2007 SDCGA Excellence in Public Outreach Award, which was presented during the SDCGA’s 22nd Annual Meeting held Jan. 5.

The Excellence in Public Outreach Award is given to journalists who go the extra mile in representing the industry to the general public with fairness, accuracy and diligence.

Dirk Lammers with the South Dakota Associated Press received the print media accolades for his news writing authority particularly about topics pertaining to the ethanol industry. As the “in-house” expert on ethanol, Lammers has provided news outlets locally and beyond with key information about the South Dakota agricultural and ethanol industry.

When the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council launched its “Kernels of Truth” campaign in the fall of 2007, Lammers recognized the newsworthiness of the pressing food and fuel debate coming out of South Dakota and his coverage of the campaign was picked up by national media.

The SDCGA recognizes the AP organization as a whole provides an imperative and unbiased service to news media around the world and Lammers’ contributions are appreciated.

Tom Riter of WNAX radio received the Excellence in Public Outreach – broadcast for his dedication to the agricultural industry. Riter is known to go the extra mile in making sure every angle of a story is exhausted. The SDCGA and SDCUC board leadership is as comfortable talking to this seasoned broadcaster as they are a good friend over coffee.

The ag industry has come to rely on Riter’s steady reporting and solid ag journalism over the years. A graduate of Northern Iowa University and Brown Institute, this recognized radio voice has reported on farm news and markets in Aberdeen and Mitchell in South Dakota and in Greeley, Colorado, before joining the biggest ag radio station in the state, WNAX.

A void was felt in the industry when Riter recently left the airwaves to try something new. You can take the man off the air but you clearly cannot take the passion for this agricultural industry out of this broadcaster because he’s back!

There’s little doubt the agricultural industry not only in South Dakota but our tri-state region would join the SDCGA in eagerly welcoming back Tom Riter to WNAX.

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