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SDCGA urges comments on RFS waiver request

Posted on May 30, 2008

Without ethanol, gasoline prices would be up to 40 cents a gallon higher according to numerous recent studies. The South Dakota Corn Growers Association urges South Dakota producers, consumers, businesses and allied industry to help protect the Renewable Fuels Standard from a 50 percent roll back by the EPA, as requested by Texas Governor Rick Perry. The EPA issued its notice for public comment on the request; comments will be taken until June 22, 2008. Waiving the RFS will hurt consumers by raising gas prices, since ethanol is helping to keep pump prices in check. Numerous studies have shown:

  • Relaxing the Renewable Fuels Standard would not result in lower corn prices for livestock and poultry feeders (Texas A&M)
  • Record oil prices are the driving factor behind higher farm and food costs (Texas A&M)
  • Removing biofuels from the market would result in oil and gasoline prices soaring 15 percent higher than they are today (Merrill Lynch)
  • If it weren't for ethanol, gas prices would be 30 to 40 cents higher (Center for Agricultural Research and Development at Iowa State University)

There are several options available for submitting comments to the EPA. For resources including talking points and a sample letter as well as links to the EPA website and email, go to and click on the “ACTION ALERTS” button on the homepage.

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