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Trent Kubik, South Dakota Corn Growers Association, Featured in 605 Magazine

Posted on November 01, 2022
Trent Pointing

Trent Kubik represents District 9 on the South Dakota Corn Growers Association board. 605 Magazine recently stopped by to learn more about his family's corn, soybean, milo, alfalfa, and cow-calf operation.

Trent said the South Dakota Corn Growers Association works directly with state representatives in Pierre and U.S. senators and representatives in Washington, D.C. to ensure policy doesn’t affect farmers’ right to farm.

“It’s ensuring that there are the tools available from a policy side that will help farmers as well as not having too much policy and regulation to really harm the way farmers operate. Our primary focus is outreach,” said Trent. “We’re a member based organization, so farmers in South Dakota pay membership dues and that is where our revenue comes from to work on these issues.”

Growing up, Trent says he knew about SD Corn from seeing the marketing side, but being part of the group has made him realize the impact it has on the biggest industry in South Dakota.

Trent says, “It really opened my eyes that if we didn’t have this voice as farmers, especially here in Pierre as well as on the federal level, we would struggle as farmers to do the things that we do.”

And it doesn’t just help farmers with corn.

“SD Corn not only helps corn farmers, but consequently we have soybean farmers, cattle producers, and land owners. We strive for all agriculture, and that is our main goal when we talk to these representatives from a policy front,” he said.

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