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TRI-STATE NEIGHBOR: Family keeps busy growing crops, serving other farmers

Posted on June 02, 2023
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When they’re not busy in their own fields, the Rix brothers of Groton, South Dakota, are serving other farmers.

In addition to growing corn and soybeans in Brown and Day counties, Grant and Jarrett Rix operate a shop where they service farm equipment. A year ago, they added commercial trucking to their enterprise, hauling grain and also machinery for dealerships in Fargo, North Dakota, Benson, Minnesota and Grand Island, Nebraska.

Rix Farms continually incorporates new technology to help improve the operation.

“I always like to do something different,” Grant said. “We’re trying to maximize yield.”

Grant, 39, is a fifth generation farmer. He and his twin brother have gradually transitioned to running the operation. Their dad, Roger, continues to serve as chairman of the board and is on the farm every day.

Grant takes the role of the farm agronomist and operations manager, using his agronomy degree from South Dakota State University and a background working in corn breeding for a major seed producer. He joined the South Dakota Corn Growers Association board in 2018 and has one year left of his term on the utilization council after serving as president of that board. He is a graduate of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP).

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