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Updated ACRE calculator, information available

Posted on April 02, 2009

The USDA has extended the deadline to sign up for the Direct and Counter-cyclical program (DCP) and the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program from June 1, to Aug. 14, 2009, allowing producers more time to consider how the new ACRE program will perform in their operations.

An updated ACRE calculator is available to assist farmers determine whether they will benefit from the innovative program.

Click here for information on the updated calculator, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. Click here for a new multimedia overview on the ACRE program.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently made available preliminary estimates of ACRE’s state revenue guarantees for the 2009 crop year and is expected to soon release more details on the program’s enrollment procedures. Explanations of how the revenue guarantees and program parameters will be determined are now available on the FSA Web site.

Also, additional resources are available on the SDCGA website,; click on the Farm Bill Update button on the homepage.

The SDCGA encourages growers to begin organizing their production and crop insurance records required for the enrollment and election process.

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