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UPDATE: USDA Emergency Grain Storage Facility Assistance Program (EGSFP)

Posted on March 16, 2023
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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) last week announced that eligible producers in South Dakota, Kentucky, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, and Tennessee could apply for $20 million in cost-share assistance. See the official announcement here. The application period opened with the publication of the Notice in the Federal Register March 16, 2023 and closes December 29, 2023.

Important Points to Know

Impact area maps in the three states are available on the USDA website. Check here to see if you are eligible to apply for USDA funding if you had grain storage facilities that were affected from natural disasters from Dec. 1, 2021, to Aug. 1, 2022.

Because the $20 million funding for the EGSFP assistance will be subject to the availability of funding, it’s critical that eligible producers contact their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) Office immediately to find out if they have begun to take applications.

Funds will cover 75 or 90 percent of eligible expenses associated with building permanent or temporary on-farm grain storage, restoring existing storage, and purchasing drying and handling equipment.

Direct or indirect EGSFP payments made to an eligible person or legal entity, other than a joint venture or general partnership, may not exceed $125,000.

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