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Utilize Your Fuel Choice this Fourth of July

Posted on July 01, 2010

This post is for every consumer who will be fueling up this Fourth of July weekend. Below are just a few items to consider when making your choice at the pump.

Ethanol is grown, harvested, produced, bought and sold all in our country making it completely an American product. It all starts with our countries family farmers who go the extra mile providing bountiful corn crops year after year making it possible for our country to produce a clean burning and renewable fuel while meeting the demands of food and feed, and increasing our nation’s exports.

Just what has ethanol done for our country? How about provide 400,000 plus good paying jobs. Ethanol producers provide $53.3 billion to our nation’s GDP and the industry generated $15.9 billion in federal, state and local tax revenues in 2009.

Domestic ethanol production reduced our nation’s appetite for foreign oil by 364 million barrels in 2009.

Ethanol saves the average American Family about $300 per year.

As a South Dakotan, you can take pride in your state as they add additional blender pump infrastructure in 40 communities and will soon be the national leader in blender pump locations.

So as an American, utilize your fuel choice this weekend, a choice to use more clean-burning, economy boosting, renewable, home-grown ethanol.

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