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Improving soil health and water quality

Working with SDSU researchers and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Pheasants Forever and other organizations, South Dakota Corn takes a leadership role in engaging with issues around soil health, water quality, sustainability and conservation.

Cover Crops

Educating the public

We provide education to policymakers and consumers on what farmers are doing to improve sustainability and practice conservation. We promote farming practices that improve our soil and water resources, including precision ag, cover crops, nitrogen management, CRP and more.


Providing resources for farmers

South Dakota Corn also works with farmers on improving their resiliency to weather extremes increasing their efficiency and profitability, managing nutrients for fewer losses and growing carbon levels.

For farmers who want to learn about conservation or obtain assistance in turning marginal acres into habitat, numerous programs exist. South Dakota Corn Director of Sustainability Jim Ristau is available to assist farmers in finding the resources they need. Other helpful organizations and sites include:

  • The Habitat Pays program of the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks. This site is regularly updated and contains comprehensive lists of resources specifically for South Dakota farmers.
  • The Every Acre Counts initiative assists farmers in selected counties with marginal lands impacted by wet conditions, saline or sodic soils and eroded areas, such as hilltops.
  • The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition is a farmer-to-farmer resource for learning about soil health and offers a wide range of educational materials and resources.

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To learn more about sustainability programs available to South Dakota farmers

Contact Jim Ristau, Director of Sustainability (605) 334-0100