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Corn Comments Featuring Stockyard Ag Experience Executive Director, Abby Bischoff

The Harvest Night

Welcome to Corn Comments! I'm Abby Bischoff, Executive Director of the Stockyards Ag Experience. We are brought to you by the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, a volunteer group of farmers who promote corn marketing in this state, the U.S., and around the globe.

Join us for The Harvest Night, an evening event to cultivate and celebrate the Stockyards Ag Experience and the community that helped create it. The event is Thursday, October 19th at the Meadow Barn at Country Orchards in Harrisburg.

The Harvest Night is a great opportunity to network with business leaders, community members, and local producers. You’ll enjoy a delicious farm-to-table dinner and desserts and lively conversation with local farmers who helped make the meal possible.

The Harvest Night helps raise funds for the museum, ag partnerships, and educational programming for area families removed from the farming community.

On behalf of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, we can’t wait to see you at The Harvest Night. Get your tickets at