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Another Advancement in Agriculture: LoadOut Technology

Posted on January 25, 2010

Imagine pulling up to your grain bin full of corn with either your semi-trailer or gravity box and loading without having to even leave your seat. Not only can you start loading grain from your seat, but you can watch it load and stop it when complete, all from the screen of your smart phone.

How does it work? LoadOut works by having a control box (which includes a camera) mounted to a grain bin. The box is then synced to an application on your smart phone. While the application is open, it stops calls from coming through and will automatically stop the grain flow if left unattended. Both are very critical parts of the software to ensure smooth and safe transferring.

LoadOut Technologies, LLC was developed by a farmer from Indiana whose allergies bothered him enough that he just couldn’t handle all the dust of grain hauling. Besides avoiding the dust, LoadOut helps you reduce the amount of time spent around hazardous equipment, loud noises and lessens your chances of slips or falls, especially in low light conditions.

The number one aspect of the LoadOut Technology is efficiency. The equipment says it will allow you to both save time and require fewer personnel.

Production agriculture technology is changing every day. Producers continue to advance technology and lead the world in efficiency.

Check it out for yourself at:

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