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Combat high oil prices, choose ethanol

Posted on November 18, 2011

Anybody else tired of volatile oil prices and the effect they have on prices at the gas pump, grocery store and other transported goods? The price of a barrel of crude oil was back over $100 this week which means the cost of gas, food and many other goods will continue to climb as we approach the holiday season.

But what if there was a way to fight back against oil prices? Well there is, by choosing ethanol and other renewable fuels, consumers can not only save money, but lessen our countries dangerous dependence on foreign oil from countries that literally hate American freedoms. Think about it, no wars have been fought over ethanol! By choosing domestic biofuels, more young men and women will have the opportunity to work in green energy and less will be put in harm’s way overseas.

After swiping your card at the gas station, have you ever wondered where that money goes? Well about 50% of it leaves the country as America imports around half of its oil consumption. By choosing ethanol, your dollars stay right here in the USA stimulating green job growth and agriculture. In just five short years, ethanol has already helped our country reduce its percentage of imported fuel by 10%. American ethanol reduced our dependence on foreign oil by 445 million barrels in 2010 alone.

So how can we use more ethanol? First off, E10 has been approved for all cars and trucks. Next, the new blend E15 has been approved by the EPA for cars and light trucks 2001 and newer. Another way we can increase ethanol usage is to make sure you know whether or not your vehicle is flex fuel. If so, you can use ethanol blends like E30, E40 and all the way up to E85.

(For the flex fuel owners, click here for a complete map of ethanol blender pump stations)

So when fueling your ride, be sure to consider where your money is going. Is your hard earned dollar going to foreign lands or staying in the rural U.S.? Buy American, choose ethanol.

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