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Corn Growers Aim Ethanol Message at Washington

Posted on June 29, 2010

As Independence Day quickly approaches so does a congress recess, followed by extensive discussion over a new energy bill. South Dakota Corn Growers Assoc. along with other state organizations are targeting Washington with a campaign to ensure that members of Congress understand what corn-based ethanol means to America.

“With nearly two-thirds of our oil imported, we need to focus on a broad range of domestic fuel solutions,” said SDCGA President Gary Duffy, a farmer from Oldham, SD. “Legislation is before Congress to continue much needed incentives and there is a new energy bill on the horizon, making it an important and critical time to talk about ethanol’s many environmental and economic benefits to our country.”

The campaign features a powerful television ad reminding both consumers and policy makers about the importance of a domestically produced and clean burning fuel. It will air starting Monday, June 28, on local news programs in Washington and on major cable channels such as Fox, CNN and MSNBC. You may also view the ad at

The ad states: “It’s now clear that events both here at home and abroad demand a different solution to our energy needs. One that protects our national security, safeguards our environment and promotes economic growth. One answer grows in our own backyard. Turning American corn into America’s energy. It’s renewable, efficient, abundant and safe. And it creates American jobs. We feed the world; we can fuel it, too. Ethanol. Now is the time.”

With higher corn production per acre, we are able to meet all needs without a significant increase in acreage. By 2020, we anticipate a national average yield of more than 200 bushels per acre, producing 17 billion bushels of corn on 83 million harvested acres.

Besides the increase in yields, corn-based ethanol is continuing to be considered “energy positive” as the USDA announced last week that for every unit of energy required to make ethanol, 2.3 units of energy are produced.

“It’s no wonder we’re saying ‘Now is the time’ for ethanol,” SDCGA’s Duffy said. “The industry is making great progress and corn growers have another record crop in the fields so we can meet all needs.”

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