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Corn planters start to roll in SD

Posted on May 03, 2011

Unfortunate weather may be putting the circumstances in South Dakota lightly as our rural residents deal with washed out roads, flooded fields and cold temperatures. Farmers throughout the Midwest are playing the waiting game when it comes to spring planting as May begins.

Fortunately our family farmers are ready to rock and roll and with a few dry days, many of our farmers will be planting corn.

“Mother Nature has the ultimate control over whether we are able to get into the fields or not,” said Mitchell area farmer and South Dakota Corn Utilization Council President, Chad Blindauer. “I know most guys are ready to go and will be working tirelessly once they start.”

Spring corn plantings are behind previous year and the five year average, but it’s pretty normal for most of South Dakota’s corn to be planted in early May. According to the National Ag Statistics Service, as of May 1, 2% of the projected corn acres in South Dakota have been planted. This is down from last year’s 28% and the five year average of 15%.

“The corn farmers that I have talked with aren’t too concerned yet as most are comfortable with planting in May,” said Blindauer. “With today’s larger equipment and precision technology farmers are capable of getting a lot of crop planted in a short amount of time.”

“Some farmers are starting to roll in southeast part of state and with the help of a few sunny days the rest of us will be going soon.”

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