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Farmers Occupy Corn Fields

Posted on October 12, 2011

Something astounding is taking place across the Midwestern parts of United States. America’s farmers have been taking to their corn fields in combines, gravity wagons, grain carts and trucks. Their mission? To harvest the next corn crop in order to meet the future demands of food, feed, fuel and fiber in the United States and around the world in a sustainable manner.

Farmers take this task very seriously and many have taken the steps necessary in order to succeed. From adapting to new seed technologies, investing in precision equipment and changing to no and lesser tillage practices. Farmers are continuing to meet demands while bettering the environment and improving their operation’s efficiencies.

Those efforts continue to pay off for South Dakota’s farmers as today’s state crop report raised average corn yields by one bushel per acre from last month’s report to 139, which is also up four from last year’s crop. South Dakota farmers are expected to produce 667.2 million bushels of corn this year making it the second largest crop in state history.

Technology and innovation used to produce more while using less…the trend of the American farmer, our True Environmentalists continues on.

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