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Corn Growers Association lauds China GMO decision

Posted on December 22, 2014

China’s approval to allow the import of Syngenta’s corn hybrid, Agrisure Viptera (MIR-162), is a significant step for American farmers and foreign trade, the South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) says.

“The agricultural industry continues to develop new technologies as a means to grow bigger crops safely, efficiently and sustainably in order to meet the needs of a growing world population,” SDCGA President Keith Alverson of Chester said. “With nearly 1.4 million citizens, China will continue to be a vital export market for American products. Genetic advancements have led to great improvements and our products are tested thoroughly to ensure they are safe.”

With today’s announcement, China will once again accept Agrisure Viptera corn, which has had U.S. Department of Agriculture approval since 2010. The decision is significant because China shut down imports of Viptera corn in November 2013, turning away more than one million tons in the past year.

Viptera seed corn is genetically altered to contain a protein that kills pests such as corn borers and rootworms. This approval provides farmers with assurance that if they grow Viptera corn, China will accept it. Likewise, continued foreign approval of new genetically modified products is vital to seed companies, which continue to make technological improvements.

The South Dakota Corn Growers Association, one of the largest commodity groups in the state, promotes corn, represents corn producers on public policy issues and serves as a legislative voice.

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