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SD farmers grow a record corn crop

Posted on January 10, 2014


Its official, South Dakota farmers produced the state’s largest corn crop on record in 2013. That news comes from today’s USDA-NASS annual crop production summary.

Here are the stats for corn grown in South Dakota during 2013:

Acres harvested – 5.86 million

Total production: 808 million bushels (highest on record)

  • Up 51% from a year ago
  • The corn crop from 2009 ranks 2nd with 707 million bushels

Average yield – 138 bushels/acre (2nd highest on record)

  • Up 37 bu/ac from a year ago
  • The record yield of 153 bu/ac was set in 2009

Corn silage 280,000 acres harvested

Average plant population 25,100

Average ears/acre 25,3000

“Our farmers deserve credit for continuing to improve their farm’s efficiency and productivity by adapting new practices and investing in new technologies,” said South Dakota Corn Utilization Council president Brian Smith. “The precise placement of nutrients and seed along with reduced tillage, cover crops and improved water management are creating healthier soils and higher corn yields all across the state.”

Thanks to our South Dakota farmers on a job well done!

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